Friday, July 10, 2009

The Early Results

The journey of heading out of the wheat field was only beginning. The doctors appointment was a Monday, fresh start of a new week. It was also the first Monday after school was out. To me that was perfect timing. No sports, no school or homework, no guitar lessons. The stress in Zak's life had subsided and it was time to relax. Throughout this journey, I can see God's hand in this. The timing of it all, just happens to be one of those times.

Tuesday we headed out to get a few snacks that Zak could eat. He had a poptart for breakfast, which has wheat, but I wasn't going to break a fuss over that. I was still learning. On the way to the store, Zak asked if the poptart had wheat. I told him that it did and his response was, "I should not have eaten that!" I told him that it was okay and we were on the hunt to get things that he could eat but until then one more poptart to hold him over wasn't going to kill him. I knew then that this was a great age for him to learn about this new journey!

First stop was Meijer. Zak took great joy in picking out new snacks. After I picked my jaw up from the floor after seeing the prices, I proclaimed to the youngest little man that these would be off limits to him. I have relaxed a bit and he has had to chance to enjoy some wheat free/gluten free snacks.

The next day I scooted on up to Trader Joe's with my Mom. Found gluten free/wheat free mixes, waffles, brownies etc. A few days later I headed to Holiday Market and they struck it rich when I found the gluten free aisles. They even had donuts! I think I did the happy dance in the aisle. Okay maybe in my head. The price was nothing to dance over but the smile on Zak's face would be worth it. He has found many things that he does like in the wheat free/gluten free department which will never be found amongst the regular food. Like waffles and brownies and pizza etc. All the really good stuff. But we haven't had luck with the bread and bagels and hamburger buns. I am still working on that!

Enough about the food, because all that does is drive me crazy. My main focus is the changes I saw in Zakkery when he was becoming wheat free in the past following weeks. I am with him 24/7, especially since it's summer, so I see a lot and I analyze a lot as well. But I have had a girlfriend that gives me great feedback on what she sees as well. So therefore, I know it's not just me being bias.

As a side note I would like to add that I talked to a girlfriend who has a wheat sensitivity/allergy and told me that when she is on wheat her head is very fuzzy and she is unable to think straight. That one sentence shed new light on the Learning Disabilities that were starting to surface throughout 3rd grade. Dr. B. told me he didn't have a LD, and his head would clear up after he was off wheat! This journey was starting to make some sense. The puzzle pieces were beginning to fit!

In the following days and weeks Zakkery started talking more and engaging in conversations with me. He wasn't just answering all my "101 questions of the day" for my kicks. He really starting talking and better explaining himself. WOW! He started showing more signs of compassion and gentleness. For example, we were at friends house watching the fireworks. He walked up to me and said, "I'm so glad we are here, it's a really beautiful night!" He is more relaxed and doesn't get agitated when his little brother wants to borrow something or even look at it. They still have their brotherly disagreements, but I don't have a remedy for those. Zakkery was always a good sleeper after he got in a big boy bed. There were times when he was 2-4 years old he would fall asleep at 5pm and sleep the rest of the night. Even when he was older he would fall asleep around 8pm if we had friends over or if we were over at friends house. On school nights, we had to get all the homework and studying done by 7:30 or he would start to loose his composer. Since he has been off wheat he's been able to stay up later and not be miserable! Zakkery also has a lot of allergies. Wheat did not show up when he got tested, although I have read that it doesn't always show up. He has done allergy shots since the Fall and those are working amazingly. Dr. B. said that being off wheat will help as well!

So from the time that Zakkery switched to the wheat free diet, which was June 16 at dinner time to the time he had his 3 week checkup he only slipped up once during that time. I was making the dessert for a wedding rehearsal dinner. He saw that I had made the dessert. At the rehearsal dinner, I had to leave for a bit. He assumed that since I had made the dessert it must be wheat free, because Mom is cool like that, but it wasn't. So he came face to face with a wheat & gluten filled cupcake that was irresistable!


  1. I'm so glad you are blogging, Katy. This will not only help you document how far your son Zak is progressing but it will help other Moms fight the good fight for their kids. Great Job! Great Job fighting for your son, too!!

  2. You are your sons fighter, IF YOU DON'T DO IT , WHO WILL? Very proud of you and your commitment and giving it your ALL...keep up the great work!