Saturday, July 18, 2009

Check Up!

On July 9th, Zak had a check up with Dr. B. It was a brief check in with the doctor on how Zak has been doing with the diet change. I went back more educated on what Zak has and the new lifestyle change. Dr. B. talked to me and asked how we were doing and he was thrilled to find out that I was doing the WF/GF diet to the best of my ability. He did mention that Zak needed more fiber in his diet, so we are working that in through food. Not easy to say the least! He also explained to Zak & Jeremiah, he was with us this time, that his gut and organs are like our skin. When it gets hurt or scratched, it needs to heal. He explained that his gut is hurt and it needs to heal. In order to heal it, he can't eat wheat. When Zak is on a WF/GF diet, it cleans the toxins out and allows his organs to heal. He explained to the boys, it's like blowing your nose, you gotta get the junk out. He proceeded to explain in "all boy" humor that you can't just take a tissue and blow your bum! The boys got a giggle out of that one.

To Zak's delight, he did tell us that Zak could eventually eat wheat/gluten on a "special time" type basis. For example, if he goes to a birthday party, he could have a slice of cake. That time could come in a year or so, just depending on how his body heals internally. He will never be able to eat wheat or gluten all the time, every day, again! Just as a treat. Which I had to explain to Zakkery after Dr. B. said that. He ears picked up on a few choice words EAT WHEAT AGAIN, is what he heard.

Rich was unable to make the visit. I really thought it would have been beneficial for him to meet Dr. B. and to gain some extra insight. But he couldn't, so I took down any questions that he had for the doctor. His one question for Dr. B. was, "How much wheat can Zakkery have?" I answered the questions (NONE), but he wanted to hear it from the doctor, so I submitted and asked him. The doctor answered the question, which was NONE! *Sigh!* I knew I should have made a bet for a pair of shoes on that one!

I left the office that day not feeling crazy, but reassured that what I was doing was correct. I was doubting the extent to what I was doing the diet was not necessary, and that I didn't have to pour so much energy into it. But after seeing the Dr. B. that day and coming back with more of an understanding of what the heck I was doing, I left feeling, I was on the right road!

After the "Check Up" visit was when I started the blog. I was dying to document stuff but I didn't know if what I was doing was all that important or necessary for Zak's health. Come to find out, it is important and it is making a difference with his health and that is note worthy!

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