Monday, August 3, 2009


Life out of the wheat field is coasting along and normal speed. There don't seem to be any ups or downs going on at this particular time.

That could change in 5 minutes, though!

We are in a groove of food selections. They seem narrow and I hope to widen them once school starts and family dinners reappear on the daily schedule!

Zakkery's main dishes consist of the following:
Waffles, for breakfast. I have found cereal but he never was a cereal kid when he was in the wheat field!
Eggs, any meal. Wherever we are, someone always has an egg I can fry up!
Chicken Nuggets. We have found one that he likes. Ian's we tried but was not good. Found Applegate, Gluten Free and he loves them. I spotted them at Kroger and bought one box for $6.99. I can get them through a co-op food club for $5.69 or so!
Spaghetti. Tried corn noodles and those past his taste. I want to try rice because I think those will be better.
Popcorn, this is a great snack and a great filler. We have gone through 5 boxes (15 bags of popcorn) in a matter of a few weeks. Zak isn't much of a cracker or chip kid, never was. Popcorn seems to fill that void.
Chicken. I found a gluten free corn flake crumbs for coating chicken. I made that for our 1 family dinner last week. Everyone ate it and it was quite tasty.
Hamburgers. No buns. He just eats them with ketchup and it seems to work.

There are 2 ways to view food.
Eat to Live or Live to Eat!

I grew up Eat to Live. Food was never made the center of attention. I never got overly excited about food, ever!

As I see Zakkery go throughout his day and as I cater 3 meals a day to him, he doesn't get overly excited about the food. He does get excited when offered a brownie or cake, which is WF/GF. He likes a sweet once in a while, but he doesn't get it every single day. In the beginning of walking out of the wheat field, I caught myself offering him too many sweets to make up for the blah tasting entree had just tried to make him. I tossed a meal or two because it looked awful and I wouldn't even sample it. I knew if I couldn't sample it, I wasn't going to make him make a meal out of it!

Along with the main dishes I listed above, there are many side dishes available to him along with the fruit and veggies. Veggies are not a big hit with my kids. I don't sweat the small stuff to be honest. It's not an issue because I refuse to make an issue out of food! They are boys, they will eventually eat me out of house and home and I will have crumbs to prove it.

It's August and school starts September 8th. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine and having meals planned. I'm looking forward to getting out of this groove.

Until then, I will continue to coast!

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  1. Katy, how is Zak feeling? Emotionally? Physically? Can you see a difference in him? Does a notice a difference?