Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crib Sheet Tutorial

Are you sick of boring crib sheets? Want a few custom sheets that are unique & add extra personality to the babies room? I get requests for crib sets (bumper, skirt, sheet quilt). I love making each one unique with the color scheme & theme the Mom is dreaming up in her head & I love bringing it to life. I love making crib/toddler bed sheets. Of course, I didn’t make them for my boys because I was in the trenches of motherhood & didn’t come up for air very often. But now that I have my business, lil’ alice, I can make beautiful sheets for new momma’s looking to personalize their sweet babies crib. So let’s get started. Supplies needed: 2 yards of fabric (45 inches wide) 2 yards of elastic (5/8 or 1/2) matching thread serger or sewing machine 8×8 square (cut out of paper or card stock) cut each corner of the 2 yards with the 8×8 square. with one corner fold the just cut edges together & pin & sew (with sewing machine or serger). repeat on all the corners. if you have a serger, serge around all four edges of the 2 yards. if you have a machine, fold over the raw edges and press. once you have serged the edges or folded the raw edges, fold a pocket a little bigger than the elastic, & press. sew all four edges, leaving 1.5 inch opening to feed the elastic through. place a safety pin on your elastic to feed through the pocket of the sheet. use a straight pin to hold the end of the elastic close to the opening. this is so you don’t loose the elastic in the pocket. once the elastic is through the pocket, securely sew the elastic ends together several times with a zig zag stitch, & sew the opening closed. stretch the elastic until evenly dispersed through the pocket. ready for baby to sleep on.

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